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AFO ASSOCIATES began back in 2008 by providing "in-house" bookkeeping services to local merchants.  With startup businesses opening and closing on a daily basis, we realized that many entrepreneurs, even those with well established companies, required much more assistance than just balancing their books. Not only did they need to know their bottom line, they needed a platform to be able to access current company data and process transactions at anytime from anywhere.


With business owners needs in mind, AFO ASSOCIATES has grown into a network of virtual specialists who can deliver state-of-the-art solutions on a personal level! We team up with your company, collect source documents and provide you with the vital tools necessary for your business to be a success! As your company grows and technology advances, AFO ASSOCIATES will be part of your team to ensure your business remains in the now!

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold! That is how important you are!”  - Eckhart Tolle



AFO ASSOCIATES provides a variety of services to help manage your business. This includes accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll, credit card & bank reconciliations, account analysis and financial statement preparation! These are all standard services that you would expect from any professional firm. So why choose AFO ASSOCIATES over anyone else? AFO ASSOCIATES has been around long enough to understand that every business is unique! From your staff, location, consumers, products, services, operations and of course time...NOBODY understands your business better than YOU! AFO ASSOCIATES becomes part of YOUR TEAM and takes care of business processes behind the scenes so you can get back to more important things like managing your business and having more time for life outside of work! NO WORRIES! AFO ASSOCIATES offers a variety of plans & pricing which are detailed below. All of which can be tailored to suit specific needs. If there is a particular issue that you are looking to resolve, just let us know!

AFO ASSOCIATES  is here to help!                              

                                                                                        Plans & Pricing

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Time is money...
Less Stress
Conduct business anywhere!
Company info at your fingertips
Virtual Assistant Office Space
Smart Phone Access
Cloud Computing


Pick a plan that best suits your needs and let our team get to work for you!




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